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AC Skyways Broadband

The Cooperative is building a fiber optic and wireless broadband network in Northeast Iowa.

That means you may have access to reliable Internet with speeds of:

  • up to 12 MB (satellite)
  • up to 25 MB (wireless)
  • up to 1 GB (fiber optic)


Satellite Broadband


Wireless Broadband


Fiber Optics







Current AC Skyways Broadband Pricing
SKYWAYS 55 / 1*$49.99
SKYWAYS 1010 / 2*$69.99
SKYWAYS 1515 / 3*$99.99

(Includes 1 static IP)

20 / 5*$149.99
INSTALLATION  (one time charge) $149.99


*Increase Upload: 2 Mbs for $5/month; 5 Mbs for $10/month

Accounts include:

  • 5 email addresses (
  • 250 Mbs mailbox with ability to send or receive messages up to 20 Mbs
  • WebMail
  • Technical support or toll free 1-855-846-0281


Contact our Skyways division or call (800) 864-1611 for more information or to arrange for installation.