Community Solar Updates

Unloading componentsMay 25, 2017

The final panel was installed early this afternoon. 360 panels are now in place.







Unloading componentsMay 24, 2017

Our solar panel installation began today!








Unloading componentsMay 11, 2017

Rock and weed barrier will reduce future maintenance.








I-beams are installedApril 24, 2017

I-beams are installed.








Unloading componentsMarch 10, 2017

We received our first shipment of components for the community solar project!








community solar diagramSeptember 12, 2016

ACEC's board of directors recently made the decision to move forward with a community solar project. The system will be installed at our headquarters north of Postville. Plans are for the system to be operational by summer 2017.

What is community solar?
Some electric cooperatives offer a form of cooperative solar called community solar or shared solar. The electric co-op installs, operates and maintains a solar system that is larger than home scale. Members can choose to buy into the system.

Community solar systems typically are larger than residential rooftop systems but smaller than utility-scale projects. The cooperative handles all of the logistical details, including site assessment, selecting and installing the equipment, interconnection and permitting details, and maintaining the system after installation.

What are the advantages to cooperative members?

  • Community solar is a no-hassle clean-energy option for consumers. Because the cooperative builds, operates and maintains the system, participating members have a win-win arrangement: bearing a low-or no-upfront investment, and reaping the monthly rewards of the power generated.
  • Community solar is more affordable than installing your own system; and you won't have to worry about financing.