Working together to deter copper theft

Copper thefts from electric cooperatives are serious crimes.

ACEC teamed up with Crime Stoppers to create a special toll-free phone line (800-452-1111) to report suspicious activities at substations – or around other equipment like transformers, power poles or even a meter at a residence, farm or business.

Once a tip is received, Crime Stoppers will contact the local sheriff or other designated law enforcement agency about the possible crime. After the caller has seen or heard on the local news that a crime has been solved, he or she can call Crime Stoppers to receive instructions for claiming a cash reward up to $1,000, although most rewards range from $20-200. The caller’s identity and other information will remain anonymous throughout the process.

Do you know the law regarding sale of scrap metal?

During 2012, ACEC supported and lobbied for a law to deter scrap metal theft. Passed by the Iowa Legislature, the law now requires scrap metal dealers to obtain a name, address, place of business and proper identification before purchasing scrap metal from any individual. This requirement applies to all purchases over $50 and creates a record for law enforcement to track sales of scrap metal. The penalty for noncompliance is $100 for the first offense, $500 for second offense and $1,000 for third offense within a 2-year period.

Help Prevent Copper Theft