Pursuant to our required regulations by the Federal Trade Commission's "Red Flags Rule," Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative's Policy #1-17 Identity Theft Prevention Program outlines the protection of our members' information. ACEC will not provide information to anyone whose name is not on the account. For example, if the account is in the wife's name, the spouse cannot be given any information on the account. If a member wishes others to receive information on the account, he/she can either request that the account be converted to a joint membership or he/she can complete an "Authorized Contact Form" listing those who can receive account information.

When members call to request information on their account, they will be asked to verify their identity by providing information stored on their account such as the last four digits of their social security number or an answer to a secret question they have previously provided. If someone has been authorized to receive information on a member's account (we have received written authorization from the member), they will also need to verify their identity and provide the member's stored information to allow ACEC to disclose any account information to them.