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Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative is investing in digital meters or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to improve the efficiency and reliability of our electric system. These meters communicate with the utility without the need of someone coming to your home to log the electricity usage. Many members have asked questions about these meters and how they work. Click here for the most common questions we have received – and the answers.

ACEC offers load management programs for home heating and water heating

Learn more about our Load Management Program

Low-level electrical current, commonly known to farmers as 'stray voltage', can impact Iowa's dairy cows and other livestock, reducing milk production and affecting animal behavior.

Learn more about Stray Voltage


  • Any three-phase service larger than 800 AMP requires engineering approval, and

  • Any single-phase service larger than 600 AMP requires engineering approval. 

Submeter Installation

100A-200A Pole Mounted Meter Loop

400A-600A 3-Phase

400A-600A 1-Phase

400A-600A 1-Phase w/ Switch

Underground Service

Meter Panel

Approved Meter Sockets

Cogeneration Installation

Approved CT Cabinets

State Inspection Letter for Service Application

When storms damage equipment or when you are planning new construction, it's good to know who is responsible for maintenance and repairs of your electric service.



Learn More about Electrical Responsiblity