Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative and other rural electric cooperatives across the state joined together to form Iowa Choice Renewables, a partnership offering high-quality solar installations. We're not here to make a sale, but rather to be your partner as you consider the best options for your energy needs.

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Our wholesale power supplier, Dairyland Power Cooperative, uses a diverse mix of power sources to meet members' needs. DPC evaluates each potential power supply by project time, transmission access, levels of risk and financial impact. We work with DPC to provide safe, clean, affordable and reliable power to members.

DPC is recognized as an industry leader in renewable energy. DPC's board of directors and management staff have set a goal for 25 percent of its generation to come from renewable resources by 2025. Through diligent planning and a commitment to “do the right thing,” Dairyland is in step to meet new renewable energy standards and achieve that goal.

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Wind farms are becoming more efficient at generating electricity. Wind, however, has its limitations. Backup generating resources are still necessary because the wind doesn't blow 24 hours a day. As technology evolves, however, wind has the ability to play an important role in electric generation once the energy can be captured and stored in an economical manner. Due to the growing interest in consumer-owned wind generation, ACEC feels obligated to point out some important considerations.

Plan ahead before making an investment. If you are interested in installing a wind generator for the purpose of selling electricity back to the Cooperative, you will need to review detailed plans with our staff. Interconnection with utility lines requires considerable planning and will involve additional equipment and metering. Any device that introduces electric energy onto the Cooperative's power lines must be interconnected in a way that does not pose an electrocution hazard to our employees.

Do your research. The power in the wind varies greatly from one location to another. Although it seems like the wind is always blowing, there are many things to consider, such as the terrain, the site's elevation, any buildings or natural obstructions, access to prevailing winds and wind speed.

The following websites contain valuable information about wind generation:

Contact Ryan Wagner at (563) 864-7611 or toll free (888) 788-1551 for more assistance.

Solar energy systems, also known as photovoltaic or PV systems, use a visible renewable resource - the sun. Solar systems are most effective when they are part of an energy efficient home or business. Purchasing and installing a solar system can be a significant investment for a consumer. We recommend you carefully research the potential investment so you make the right decision.

Thinking about a solar system?

Visit the following websites for information about solar generation:

Contact Ryan Wagner at (563) 864-7611 or toll free (888) 788-1551 for more assistance.

Geothermal heat pumps, also known as ground-source heat pumps, use the earth itself or groundwater by means of transferring heat. As the name implies, heat pumps simply move heat from one place to another. During the winter months, they collect and consolidate heat from the ground and move it inside; during the summer months, they reverse the flow and send warm, indoor air out. Systems are highly efficient, using a small amount of electricity to capture a large amount of free renewable energy from the earth.

Geothermal heat pumps come in two types: a groundwater (open loop) system uses well water and an earth-coupled (closed loop) model moves a water and antifreeze solution through underground pipes.

For more information on geothermal heat pumps, visit these websites:

Contact Ryan Wagner at (563) 864-7611 or toll free (888) 788-1551 for more assistance.

If you are considering installing renewable energy to power your home, but are not comfortable with the long-term investment, Evergreen is a great alternative. Evergreen is a renewable energy program available for homes, farms, or businesses.

Learn more about Evergreen.